2b. Statics Applications  (SSES Chapt. 2.1-2.4)
Axial MembersTorsion MembersBeams
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Axial Members
An axial member supports forces along its structural axis. Equilibrium requires that the forces be equal, opposite and co-linear. Axial members are often pinned at both ends. Examples of axial members include:
  • bars;
  • truss members;
  • taut ropes and cables;
  • columns.

Axial member

Torsion Members
A torsion member supports torques about (around) its structural axis. Equilibrium requires that torques in torsion members be equal, opposite and colinear. Examples of torsion members include:
  • drive shafts;
  • screw drivers;
  • gear shafts;
  • MEMS devices.

Torsion member

A beam is a structural component that supports forces transverse to its structural axis. Examples of beams include:
  • aircraft wings;
  • floor and ceiling joists;
  • bark benches;
  • MEMs devices.

Internally, beams support both shear forces and bending moments. These internal loads are typically described by use of shear force and bending moment diagrams.
A module explaining how to create shear and moment diagrams can be accessed by clicking here (unclick pop-up blocker).


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